Oh baby baby gift..

Oh baby baby gift… I love to make baby gifts but it’s so hard to make a decision.  There are so many useful little things for babies like blankets, hooded towels, clothes, booties, bags, spit rags and more.  I had to narrow my list this time because there wasn’t too much time.  Just a few days in fact.  This time I decided to make some bibs and a tag blanket.  Of course this certainly involves come choices as well.  What size bibs, what kind of fabric, what type of bib and what should I put on the back.  These were all for a little girl with a modern mama.  I decided that really, these bibs would get spilled on and slobbered on and were really for protecting the clothes so although I wanted them to look cute function was the primary purpose and even a modern mama would know that.  This allowed me to do some experimenting.  This is the first bib.  A small bib for a little girl with a bunny on the front.  The small size could be used for a small child and would be cute and functional.

bunny bib

The next bib is a larger bib with a wider front.  This bib I backed with minky which is a polyester fabric and should allow some moisture protection for the clothing underneath.  I’ve never thought of using minky for the back of a bib.  It actually worked better than I expected and is quite soft.  I wonder how mama will like this one?

bird bib

This last bib is cute in an entirely different sort of way.  It’s more like a baby apron.  I know that mama likes gray and it also lets me use a bit of color so this one too is cute and should be quite functional because it covers the baby lower front and lap.  I lined this one with flannel so it is soft and shapes easily to the baby shape.  Oh this was a fun baby baby gift!

apron front

front and back


Another baby quilt

Another baby quilt is finished. I’ve used tumbler blocks again I’m pleased with this one.  The colors are not in my normal range of color choice but I do like the way it turned out.  I don’t know if the baby will be a boy or a girl.  I used ten different fabrics in this quilt and it made a better mix than the previous two.  The pink one had seven fabrics and the red and blue one had five fabrics.  I like both of the others but this one has a better balance and will be soothing for a baby.  The back was an interesting dilemma as well.  I had a remnant of one of the front fabrics but I knew it was short.  I ended up adding two rows of blocks from the front.  They fit in well.  One thing that I had not thought about when I made the choice for the back was what the plaid would look like and if I could get it on straight.  I ended up washing the fabric before I started because the fabric was stretched. It did straighten out well and I was able to get it straight enough that it looks good.  The binding is pieced some of the quilt fabrics and was another good choice. Hope the mom likes it.  In any case, it will be a good floor quilt and wash and wear well.

yellow and green baby quilt front

yellow and green baby quilt back


Baby Quilt finished!

I did it. The pink baby quilt is finished.  Like so many other projects when I got to the end I had trouble deciding on the binding.  I finally picked a dark pink with little black and white flowers and I’m pleased with my choice.  The darker pink frames the quilt nicely.  I used a pink and green polka dot flannel on the back so it’s really cozy. I’ve washed it so it’s nice and soft and ready to gift or sell.  Now on to the next project.

It’s a bib!

When my kids were little I did love to have a bib handy.  When they were little it was drool, when they were bigger it was food and good messes.

I found a pattern for a little bib that looks like it’s comparable size the new onsie and pants that I just finished.  I  used a small piece of flannel and a small piece of terry cloth.  My original thought was to use an applique on the bib to coordinate with the onsie but I cut the applique too big and it didn’t look right.  In the end I just added a little pocket at the bottom, used a package of bias tape that I had and was able to add this cute little bib to the stack.  I’m pleased with the result and can see doing this again.

More applique

I just received a new die for my Slice Fabrique.  After many trials I got this farm set from my daughter.  She has been trying to get it for me for about 6 months and it keeps getting lost in transit.  Last week I finally got the replacement that had been sent.  She actually called tonight and said after 2.5 months the first one she ordered also arrived.

I’ve been waiting to try this out and knew that it was going to be a baby item.  I’m trying to build up some stock to open and Etsy shop and I think this will be one of the items in my shop.  It was lots of fun to applique the rabbit on the onsie and make up these little pants to go along with it.  A perfect spring or summer outfit for a little girl.

New year and new projects

Just before Christmas I did welcome into my home a new toy.  I had some birthday money that has been waiting for the right time.  Now at my age I don’t often get birthday money.  It was a treat for me however as budgeting has been tight here for a couple of years due to employment issues.

During the after Thanksgiving sales Joann’s was running an ad for the AccuQuilt Go cutter and this is where my birthday money went.  It came with one cutting die and I got a second one for Christmas.  I’ve tried them both out and it’s been so fun and fast and easy.  When I was picking things up it occurred to me that I know several people who will be welcoming babies this spring.  I haven’t heard if they will be boys or girls so I started with a pink quilt knowing that sometime there would be an occasion for a pink baby quilt.  I’ve cut out the fabrics and put them on the design wall.  I think it will be fine.  I’m sure I have enough pieces of batting here to make the quilt sandwich and plenty of assorted fabrics for the back and binding.  In the spirit of my new year goal to use things up before I buy more this will be a fun project to finish.