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Other sewing.

I had to delete all the content that I had published in the last 6 months.. I do have mixed feeling about that but it’s ok.  There are a few people that had not checked recently and were interested in some pictures so I’m going to repost a few of the photos in the next few days. That also will give me some time to finish a few things on the table.  Easter was fun but hectic and now it’s past time for bed. Sweet dreams.

These baby shoes were fun to make and I’m looking forward to creating more. 🙂

I’m also had fun with the onsie and pants.  Very fast, easy and satisfying.  More soon I know.


Daughter number 1 is now a year older.  It’s been fun to sew a few new things for her this year.  I don’t think I’ve ever made her an apron so she got her own apron.  She is a coffee lover so this is made with coffee cup fabric and coffee beans. Also some giant ric rac.  It makes me laugh to see how popular the use of ric rac has become.  When I first started to sew in the 60’s and 70’s it was popular and then it became unpopular because it made things look so”homemade.” Now it’s popular and makes things look “hand crafted”.  Hmm..


I also made this little purse with a zip pouch inside.  I made a strap to attach it to and also used a magnetic fastener. That was fun and easy to do but I will do it a bit differently next time.  She loved the fabric and size however so that was a success.

Last year I made a barrel bag from some embroidered denim.  She has used it almost every day and said she would like another.  I made this one from ultra suede and did a zip pouch and key fob.  It will be interesting to see how it holds but it is interesting fabric and she again seemed pleased. Happy Birthday Daughter!

Easter goodies

The kids are really too Finally! big for Easter treats any longer but I have fun thinking of something that they might find useful and then stick a little treat with the object.  This year it was nuts and craisins and bags.  When the girls are biking or going das out with friends they don’t like to carry purses but really need something other than a pocket to carry the phone, keys and ID plus wholesale mlb jerseys a debit card or some cash.  A χ?σμα pocket doesn’t always work because you end up with strange lumps on your body where no lumps belong.  I found this pattern for a cute bag that was perfect.  They made up quickly and Операция the pattern cheap nfl jerseys was easy to follow.  Well, almost easy to follow.  I did cheap jerseys have to take the 10 zipper out because I cURL put it on the wrong side of the fabric.  wholesale jerseys The pattern was not really clear in my opinion as to how to turn the fabric so Another the correct Peeps! side was out because the piece is actually two pieces that are wrong sides together.  It might have been operator error but I like to think wholesale mlb jerseys it was the directions.  These did sew up quickly however, look very clean and professional and not homemade and I think they will get los of use.  A very fun Easter project and I actually have several more cut out for myself.


Happy cheap nfl jerseys Easter!

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Another try

As I’m trying to get this set investiert up cheap jerseys again, I find that Machines I don’t have very cheap jerseys from China many pictures on this computer.  wholesale NBA jerseys For now this will Skins have to do and I’ll find some more Finally! tomorrow.

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