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Making Magnets

One of my nieces made me magnets for Christmas.  Now I’ve wanted these magnets for several years and in the yearly gift exchange I have gotten these several times only to have them stolen picked by another. Sometimes exchanges like that can be fun but sometimes oh so frustrating! When we were talking afterwards one of my daughters said she would like to learn to make them. In the discussion that followed I must have listened because when I needed a craft for many people I knew just what I was going to do.

She used flat marbles, the kind that are used in flower decorating, Modge Podge, a graphic of some kind and a magnet.  I made 96 magnets over several days time. I had some vintage Girl Scout fabric that was perfect for the job. I think this will be a good item to send home with our volunteers. It fits with our 100 years of Girl Scouting celebration and is something useful  A winner in my book!


Semaphore Flags

It’s time for an annual Girl Scout event.  For the last 20 years we have had a volunteer retreat and invited all leaders that are active in our service unit to take part. We usually go to one of the local Girl Scout camps.  We’ve run into a problem this year however and if you live in the greater Seattle area you know what I mean.  The weather is not cooperating! The camps are snowed and iced in and the roads are not safe to travel.  We have planned this event for nearly six months so it’s a bit disappointing.  We will however do a one day local event and hopefully most people will be able to attend.  By Saturday we are hoping the roads are passable. With a little warming and some rain all things are possible.

This is a significant year in the Girl Scout calendar. We are celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting.  We’ve tried to plan some games, activities and food to tie into our theme.  One of the activities will be to communicate with semaphore flags. I’ve made the flags and have the cheat sheet.  It should be a fun adventure!

Girs Scouts Together.

Well, the last few weeks have certainly been busy.  I’ve just spent a week at Girl Scout camp.  It’s always a great time but this year the weather was not as cooperative as sometimes.  We did have a bit of blue skies but mostly it was cool and grey.  Not much rain until the end of the week which was nice however.  We usually have about 160 girls and 52 staff so it’s a busy place with lots of laughter, friends and great outdoor activities.  This picture is from a trip on the lake by some of the staff about 9 in the evening.  We raft the canoes together and travel around the lake and sing for about an hour or so.  For those of us “vintage” scouts we get to sing all the old songs that we love and have the pleasure of teaching these wonderful old traditions to the younger leaders who have not had an opportunity to sing them all for these years.  It was a terribly windy day this year until about 5 minutes before we were to make the decision to go or not.  The GS Gods were with us and we got to go and once again celebrate this wonderful tradition.

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