It’s been a busy week.  Daughter #2 has been here for about 10 days and daughter #1 and one and only son have been in and out as well.  Add in some work some sewing and a holiday and tonight we’re sitting in the old rocker with the feet up and vegging out. This next week will be hectic as well with some Girl Scout commitments and getting ready for a bridal shower for my niece next weekend. Oh yes and there is always the work thing to consider too. Hmm, guess I’ll have to fit it all in. 

Today my mother came and had lunch and then we went to the grocery store and the cemetery.  We do have a nice cemetery here in our little town and my dad is resting there.  I think many of us “talk” to dad when we drive by.  It was nice to see all the flags and flowers.  Someone appears to have removed the flag from dads vase but we knew it should have been there to honor his service in the Navy and we remember and are thankful.  We did leave some flowers and a plant and we were all pleased.