Thanksgiving is over and I’m on the road again.  Brother and I are off on a road trip to Palm Springs.  I’m leaving hubby and daughter number 2 at home to fend for themselves for the week. I really think they are anxious for me to leave and they can eat all the food that I don’t like or fix.  I see a menu of Thai, hot sauce and more being consumed for the week.  Fine with me.  My husband calls my kind of food “North Dakota white”  Now I really think lefse and potatoes are just fine! All told, it will be good for all of us to have a break.  They have said they would put up the tree while I’m gone and do what other decorating they see fit.  It will be surprise.

I’ve been busy making ornaments and have a whole lot of sewing to do when I get home.  It would be nice to have the month off and do what I wanted but alas that’s not to be this year.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I’ll write more from the road.