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More Sewing and More Planning

There’s always more sewing and more planning. I wake up in every morning thinking about the projects that I’m working on and the projects that I want to work on and all the future projects.¬† I wish there were more hours in the days to do all the things my head imagines. ūüôā

Until then however I continue to sew what I have time for. Right now I’m working on finishing one of the first quilts that I started working on in 2012. This was before life got in the way with health issues for my daughters, and my husband and my mother’s passing. Of course there is work, home and friends as well. Some days I spend more time on the computer thinking about what I want to do instead of doing the things that I should, could and¬† must. A tale for many of us I think.

For now however, there was Christmas sewing and some baby gifts as well as a new quilt along. The one from last year will be finished soon along with the one from 2012 and I’ll continue to work on these this year.

I’m trying some new and different baby gits. I’ve made baby hats, teething toys and bibs.¬† I love the baby gifts because they’re fast, colorful and usually appreciated.¬† I can also try out new things, gift them and use some of my fabric stash as well. All good things in my book.

Here are some of the hats.

flowered hat





girl hatsfleece and stretch hat

New Year and New Projects

paper piece SantaWell, it’s a new year and I’m on to new projects.¬† I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted updates and although the intention is good, somehow I don’t seem to update as often as I would like. I’m just going to start small with one of the fun projects that I did for the holidays. These paper pieced Santa’s were my holiday ornaments this year. I had so much fun doing them that I was sad to think I can’t do them and give them again next year. So I’m on the hunt. I still have a couple of months to think about it.

The Potholder Project

Although I love to give and receive cards, it feels so wasteful when you throw them in the trash. This year I decided that instead of cards, I would give my friends potholders when there was a card worthy occasion. There have been exceptions of course but for the most part I’ve purchased very few greeting cards. Instead I’ve used my 8″ cube and 8 1/2″ die for backs and insulbrite and batting and I made potholders. I did also use the kite die for several as well. It’s been fun to do, well received and I’ve used lots of those very fun kitchen fabrics that I’ve collected. A win win for sure.¬†


I was lucky enough to recieve some gifts from friends this summer too. A friend who I chat with many times a week but usually by email, found a pincushion pattern that she wanted to try out so I was the lucky winner on that one and one friend I had made a pincushion caddy for and in turn she created me a beautiful pair of hand knit socks.

It’s always such a treat to receive handmade gifts from friends. (Actually it’s a treat to receive any kind of gift. It always makes me feel special.) I love creating gifts for people and in turn I love to receive theStarfish Alleym as well.








This beautiful wool pincushion was created with love and care by my friend Gretchen.

I feel honored and blessed to be on the receiving end.
For my friend Terri, I made this pincushion caddy similar to one she had see on a website.

Starfish Alley







As a thank you she gifted me with these hand knit socks. What a lucky gal I am!

Starfish Alley



Rag blanket finish

A rag blanket finish happened this week.¬† It actually was fun to do and I’m pleased with the finished product.¬† When I first bought this die I thought this would be a great way to use the flannel remnants.¬† As it turns out, because you use two pieces of fabric in each block the remnants don’t go very far. I knew that I was making this blanket for a little boy and have since learned that the mom is already in the hospital waiting for this little one to appear.¬† It’s a bit early for his arrival however so they hope he will take his time! In the end, I was able to mostly use fabrics from my stash.¬† I did end up buying a small¬†piece of yellow.¬† Hubby was a bit reserved about the project but was also impressed after it had been washed and dried.¬† Like he said, it almost makes a chenille¬†type fabric after it’s been in the wash and I’m sure it will get softer with each wash.¬† I think I’m off to make another.

rag blocks

rag quilt before

Pin cushions

As any seamstress knows a pincushion is your friend.¬† I own many types of pin cushions and have made pin cushions but recently when I was cleaning out a drawer I found a pin cushion that a friend¬† brought me many years ago.¬† She had traveled to Switzerland to visit with relatives that were temporarily living there and brought me back this wonderful pin cushion.¬† As I’ve mentioned before I struggle to use special things and for many years have put them aside for safe keeping.¬† One of my recent decisions however is to live life with intention.¬† One of my intentions¬† is to cherish these special items but also to use them so I can get pleasure out of them every day.¬† This pin cushion sits on my sewing table and holds threaded¬†hand sewing needles. Although I don’t do a lot of hand sewing there are always finishing touches that require a needle and thread.¬† So Sarah, every time I use this pin cushion I think of you and am thankful for¬† your years of friendship.¬† What a gift!

A successful swap

A while back I made a comment on a friends¬†blog that I liked the yarn she was spinning.¬†¬† She offered to let it come and live at my house and now it’s¬†arrived! We made a swap and I’m excited.¬† This is¬†beautiful yarn and I’m still stroking and admiring all of its loveliness.¬† I have a couple of projects in mind but not entirely certain what the final project will be. I really have zero skills in the yarn fiber department.¬† Yes, I have done my share of crocheted granny squares and ponchos and have several failed knitting attempts, like the sweater with the monkey arms.. and two different size monkey arms at that!¬† While I’m thinking long and hard, I just keep moving this skein around and dreaming about all the things it could become.


Vintage rag dolls

A friend was cleaning out a closet and came across a package of old fabric.¬† One of the pieces was orange silk and the other was a panel of fabric¬†that had been fashioned after vintage rag dolls and was printed for “Her Majesty’s Stationery Office” and came from the Bethnal¬†Green Museum in London.¬†” London’s Bethnal Green houses the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection of childhood-related objects and artefacts, spanning the 1600s to the present day.”¬† I have been looking at their website¬†and it looks like a very interesting place to visit.¬† I’ve also checked out the gift shop link and there are many interesting things here as well.¬† I wish it was closer because I would love to visit.

These dolls however will be fun for my friends granddaughters to play with.  I applaud her for the decision to make them up and let the kids play.  So often I find myself bringing this kind of stuff home and then feeling I should save it for a special occasion or day and then the kids grew up or lose interest and here I had this very fun whatever and never got used.

Here are pictures of the panels.¬† After they have been stuffed, I’ll ask Sally to take a picture and send me so I can add it to this log of projects.

Smaller oilcloth bag

I’m making a smaller oilcloth bag for a friend.¬† I’m trying out a couple of different sizes of bags because¬†I keep having requests for a smaller size.¬† This first one I¬†reduced the height by 5 inches and the width by 2.5 inches.¬† I like the width and think that will be fine but I think I’m going to make another bag and shorten the height a bit more.¬† This one is actually a good size and would be handy at the drugstore or at the bookstore where you want a bag but don’t want or need such a big one.¬† I’m looking forward to making a few more of these and then ask what size¬†my friend¬†would like what her opinion is.

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