The Potholder Project

Although I love to give and receive cards, it feels so wasteful when you throw them in the trash. This year I decided that instead of cards, I would give my friends potholders when there was a card worthy occasion. There have been exceptions of course but for the most part I’ve purchased very few greeting cards. Instead I’ve used my 8″ cube and 8 1/2″ die for backs and insulbrite and batting and I made potholders. I did also use the kite die for several as well. It’s been fun to do, well received and I’ve used lots of those very fun kitchen fabrics that I’ve collected. A win win for sure. 


  1. Jennifer cobb

    Love, love, love my cherry black and white one.
    Your fabric post card was shown off for over a year on my bullion board.

    • Patty

      Jennifer, it was fun to make for you!

  2. Jennifer cobb

    Not bullion, cork board!

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