It’s off to Vegas baby!

I’m leaving in the morning and going to Vegas!  I’m excited.  I just talked to Aaron and he was excited to be in Las Vegas.  They had a great road trip getting there and are excited about the Billboard/Chevy competition at the Fremont Street Experience.  They’ve been treated like rock stars and are loving the road trip.  They played a set in the Mohave desert earlier today and a house show in San Francisco on Saturday.  The film crew that has been with them has been great too.  I’m excited to see him tomorrow and hear more about the adventures.  He said Las Vegas is bigger than life!  What a great experience.

If they win this next competition against 5 other bands, they will have the opportunity to perform at the Billboard music awards on Sunday and be broadcast live on ABC. This momma is pleased!

Here is a video of the band getting ready for the trip.

This is a from the photo shoot for Chevy at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. It will be in the May 14th issue of Billboard magazine.


  1. Terri

    How did they do?

    • Patty

      Terri, Although they didn’t win the band was exceptional and they had an awesome life changing experience. Thdy also had a cameo apperance on ABC Billboard Awards on Sunday evening so it was exciting to see them on national Tv with all those rock stars.

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