Just a little thank you.

Just a little thank you seems appropriate when someone does something nice for you.  Recently my sister-in-law referred me some business.  Now I really appreciate that and wanted to thank her.  It didn’t seem right to just give her a gift card.  She probably would like that but she is a little more down to earth and I think would really appreciate something that I made.  I’ve struggled with this for  a while now.  What color, what kind of fabric, what project.  I’ve gone over the list so many times.  Along with my “just do it” theme for the year I finally just pulled some fabrics and decided this would be fine.  I cut and sewed and made a cute little zippered pouch that I think she will like.  I think it turned out very nicely.  She is a gardener and she loves purple so this fabric was a good marriage of both. I’m also including a photo of the inside before I put them together because I knew it would hard to snap a picture when it was finished.  So here it is.  Lovely I think.


  1. terri

    The colors are beautiful and who doesn’t love a little zippered bag?

    BTW, every time I take the little bag you made in to Bartells, the clerks comment about how perfect it is. It really is perfect. I always reply that a friend of mine made it and then they are even more impressed. LOVE that size! You could sell them.

    • Patty

      Thanks.. Once I’ve finished with this big project I am going to sell them. I even have an Etsy shop all registerd and ready to go. Should be around the first of June I think.

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