The last f ew days I have been trying my hand at making soap.  I enjoy using glycerin soap and we’ve had a soap kit here that was used once and the owner lost interest so I decided it was my turn. It was fun and easy.  I know there are many ways to make soap but this was melt and pour so melt and pour I did.  The colors are bright and clear which I love and I had an opportunity to mix colors and see what they created.  I don’t remember much of 7th grade art when we were mixing colors but I do remember a few basics.  I bought molds and you could also buy rubber stamps to go in the bottom of the molds so now I have this stack lovely soap.  This batch is going to the bridal shower today but I think I’ll be making more.


  1. Terri

    LOVE all the colors. What a happy thing to see when you walk in to a bathroom or kitchen.

    • Patty

      Thanks Terri.. very cheery and I love them too!

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