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A rice bag cold pack

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a problem with a trigger thumb.  As strange as that sounds, I think it’s more common that people realize although there are more instances of trigger fingers than trigger thumbs.  This thumb is stuck open rather than closed.  It’s actually a bit of a challenge when you try to pick up an object.  I had no idea how often I used my thumb or what a challenge it can be to lack strength in your thumb.  Who knew? I’ve had a cortisone shot and it’s getting better but I’ve also found that it’s better when I can ice it.  The freezer packs work ok but they always seem a bit awkward and they are really cold unless you cover them.  I know many people use the rice bags and freeze them as well as heat them so I made an articulated rice bag specifically for the freezer.  It’s great.  I used some cotton fabric so that it would be comfortable.  I really didn’t want flannel for this one. I poured a little rice in, and sewed it shut and kept filling until I had made several pockets.  I like the result.  I think that next time I’m going to mark the size of the pockets so they are equal.  I was also careful not to overfill the pockets so they would bend easily.  All in all, a successful project.

New phone

My phone was more than two years old and like most tech related things two plus years is a long time.  I bit the bullet and upgraded to a fancy new smartphone.  This is an Android phone and not an iPhone. Now I’m really hoping this smartphone is not smarter than me.  It’s bigger and can do a multitude of things.  One of the first projects that I did was for work.  I created a real estate flyer for an agent that needed a QR code.  If you’re not familiar with QR (quick response) codes they are the little boxes you see on items that are filled with other little boxes.

QR Code

This is a QR code for this blog.  If you use the bar code reader or QR code reader on your smartphone, it will take you directly to this website.  On the agent flyers the QR code will take you directly to a video tour of the home she has listed.  What a great marketing tool This is an easy way to add information to a piece of paper that makes it easy to get to a web address.  You could even use it to go to a poem, a song or anything else that has online information.

My kids and husband have been full of suggestions as to other apps that I need to put on this phone. My music son was impressed that I had Slacker already loaded.  I was lucky, that came pre-loaded. He also suggested Evernote.  This is a notepad tool and I can see this being handy also.  My husband has many apps on his phone so I guess I’ll have to see what else he thinks I should have.  He’s already added a couple more bar code readers.  I haven’t checked with my daughters yet.  I know that they both use bus tracker apps. This will give real time bus arrival information.  Do you have a phone with apps?  Which ones do you use most often and can’t live without?  A new adventure is just beginning.

Girs Scouts Together.

Well, the last few weeks have certainly been busy.  I’ve just spent a week at Girl Scout camp.  It’s always a great time but this year the weather was not as cooperative as sometimes.  We did have a bit of blue skies but mostly it was cool and grey.  Not much rain until the end of the week which was nice however.  We usually have about 160 girls and 52 staff so it’s a busy place with lots of laughter, friends and great outdoor activities.  This picture is from a trip on the lake by some of the staff about 9 in the evening.  We raft the canoes together and travel around the lake and sing for about an hour or so.  For those of us “vintage” scouts we get to sing all the old songs that we love and have the pleasure of teaching these wonderful old traditions to the younger leaders who have not had an opportunity to sing them all for these years.  It was a terribly windy day this year until about 5 minutes before we were to make the decision to go or not.  The GS Gods were with us and we got to go and once again celebrate this wonderful tradition.

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