For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a problem with a trigger thumb.  As strange as that sounds, I think it’s more common that people realize although there are more instances of trigger fingers than trigger thumbs.  This thumb is stuck open rather than closed.  It’s actually a bit of a challenge when you try to pick up an object.  I had no idea how often I used my thumb or what a challenge it can be to lack strength in your thumb.  Who knew? I’ve had a cortisone shot and it’s getting better but I’ve also found that it’s better when I can ice it.  The freezer packs work ok but they always seem a bit awkward and they are really cold unless you cover them.  I know many people use the rice bags and freeze them as well as heat them so I made an articulated rice bag specifically for the freezer.  It’s great.  I used some cotton fabric so that it would be comfortable.  I really didn’t want flannel for this one. I poured a little rice in, and sewed it shut and kept filling until I had made several pockets.  I like the result.  I think that next time I’m going to mark the size of the pockets so they are equal.  I was also careful not to overfill the pockets so they would bend easily.  All in all, a successful project.