It’s a car Mom!

Well, well, well, finally number 1 son has purchased a car.  He was in school and then started his first adult career job, moved into a new apartment and now has a new car.  Whew.. It’s been a busy year.  He’s been driving old cars with problems for many years.  Last spring when the last one gave up the ghost on a neighborhood street, he called the donation place and had it towed.  For the last 6 months he has been car free and relied only on his bike for transportation.  Now in Seattle, this can be a challenge because of all the hills but he kept with it and rode the bus or his bike wherever he needed to go and paid expenses to his carpool for work which is in Redmond.  Now once again, he is a driving contributing member in his carpool, can get to the grocery store, to the laundromat, go shopping and purchase more than one item and even visit Mom and Dad! Congratulations Aaron!

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