When I was growing up I was fortunate to have my Great Grandmother move from Minnesota to live nearby with my Grandmother.  She immigrated from Norway when she was young and learned all sorts of handcrafting skills.  I have several things that she made me and I cherish them all.  One of my favorites are these crocheted Christmas snowflakes.  I have 18 of them and every year we put them on the family tree.  I didn’t realize how much my mother enjoyed them until I got married and they came to live at my house and adorn my Christmas tree.  Oh, she really wanted to keep them but did send them to me when I asked.  Part of the ritual of the snowflakes did have my husband befuddled however the year that he decided to store different objects in the snowflake box.  I went to get them out the following year to put them on the tree and they were missing.  Oh, I was upset!  He didn’t know what he had done with them.  I’m not sure why he put them away that year and not me.  Trust me, now the snowflakes always go in the little red box and I eagerly anticipate putting them on the tree.