We’ve had several Kindle devices floating around this house in the past week.  I have a Kindle with the keyboard, a daughter has a Kindle Touch and Hubby has a Kindle Fire.  Two of the three also have traveling “jackets”.  Nice if you have to tuck it in a purse or a bag.  It just feels a bit more protected.  The daughter with the Kindle Touch lives out-of-state and hers is “jacketless”  I really wanted to remedy that but due to circumstances like being sick as well as birthdays and holidays it didn’t happen when she was here.  I have thought about it however and contemplated what I should do.

Alas.. holidays to the rescue!  One thing I did receive was a new die for my AccuQuilt cutting system.  I have had the AccuQuilt for several weeks but not really had a change to use it due to the aforementioned sickness, holidays etc.  I pulled several fabrics from my stash, cut a few shapes and sat at the sewing machine.  What I decided to do with the pieced blocks was run a strip down the center of a rectangular piece, sandwich a piece of batting in the middle and then a lining piece.  I made the entire piece and then just folded it like an envelope and stitched the sides.  My thinking was that is will protect the Kindle but still be easy to remove the device and slide it back inside when it travels in a bag or pocket. The envelope does not have velcro or any closure but is stitched down at the corners so it creates a bit of a pocket in the top.  If it’s easy to use, it probably will get used.  I’m never sure when I make things for other people if they will find the item useful but I get great pleasure from it and that is satisfying in itself.