Reaching the finish line

Even though it is past bedtime I’m sitting in my recliner admiring the lights on the tree and reflecting on the day.  So often this time of year is so hectic that I don’t feel like I have time to enjoy the traditions and the magic of the season.  Each year is different and as the children grow older every season continues to evolve.  Some years there have been boyfriends and girlfriends, some years just family.  The future I also hope will include grandchildren but for now I’m enjoying my older adult children. What a blessing that is. So often family are not able to connect as adults due to jobs, spouses and other commitments.  I’m reminded to cherish each day and each moment with my family and friends.

The past week I’ve had several wonderful visits with friends.  Last Friday I was able to spend time with my dear friend Sarah.  She and her husband have had health issues this past year and it was good to visit with her and hear that they are both feeling better. I also had a visit from my good friend Peggy.  We worked together for a number of years and we had the pleasure of meeting when our boys were in preschool. Last night I hosted Christmas bridge at my house and feel blessed to be able to count Jennifer, Fran and Lucinda as friends. We’ve all shared joyous times and hard times.  These friends all listen and don’t make judgements.  What a rich world of friendship all these people have created for me.

There also has been some gifting this week.  The first gifts were Peggy’s creations.  She brought me a wreath made from beach shells.  It’s a gorgeous wreath and tomorrow it will be hanging on the wall of wreaths.  For now the picture of it on my cutting table will have to suffice.  She also brought me a piece of yard art that she has created out of thrifted dishes.  It is so cute!  I don’t have a picture of that one yet but will take a picture and post in the next day or two.  This lady is so creative and really has an artist’s eye for placement and color.  I’m envious of the gift she has for such creativity and feel fortunate when she brings me these lovely creations. Thanks Peggy. I love them both!


  1. Peggy

    Oh Patty such kind words. Thank you but you know that you are the one who inspires me to do the very best that I can do and to not be so critical of my crafting..
    Merry Christmas my dear friend.

    • Patty

      Merry Christmas to you too Peggy. I look forward to more wonderful projects in the coming year!

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